NBC Oklahoma is updating our online banking platform as part of our recent ongoing efforts to upgrade our system and serve our customers better moving forward. On this page are some things that you need to know -- and do -- before them as a customer.

To see detailed instructions, click on and expand the headings at the bottom of this web page to read the letters sent home to you as either business or residential banking customers. Also on this page, you can also see the important dates to note at a glance, as well as frequently asked questions about what our new website with a [dot]bank extension means to you. After May 10, you'll go to to conduct your business online or via mobile device. After May 10, we will add links on our website to NBC Oklahoma's new mobile applications for Android and Apple devices.


  • Wednesday, May 3: Last day for business customers to have a scheduled bill payment completed. This service will not transfer to new system.
  • Thursday, May 4: Last day for residential customers to schedule transfers and bill payments in time for them to convert to new system. 
  • Monday, May 8 after 3 p.m.: Business customers can no longer make ACH transfers until after the banking conversion.
  • Tuesday, May 9: Internet and mobile banking will be offline all day. Banking business must be conducted in one of NBC Oklahoma's branches.
  • Wednesday, May 10: Internet and mobile banking back online at new website, Also, you will see changes to our website that day.


What is a [dot]BANK ( .bank) domain extension?

Such a domain name indicates you have reached the website of a verified member of the global banking community; only such institutions are eligible to register a [dot]BANK extension.

Why does it matter that NBC is changing to

In short, this is going to make banking more secure for you. This domain, unlike other “generic top-level domains” in the same category (such as the more traditional [dot]COM, [dot]ORG or [dot]edu (.com, .org, .edu), has enhanced security requirements. These extensions are also more easily recognized because with a [dot]bank extension, you know for sure you have landed on the right website.

What are some of these security requirements and reasons for them?

To scratch the surface of this issue, these requirements are complex and different groups involved in the registration process will provide them, but they include:
  • Verification of eligible financial institutions’ charter/licenses for regulated entities so that only legitimate entities are awarded domain names in the first place. These are verified during initial registration and at each renewal or at least every two years, whichever comes first.
  • Domain name system security extensions so that Internet users land on legitimate websites and aren’t misdirected to malicious ones.
  • For institutions using a [dot]bank domain for email, authentication of institutions’ emails and verification that any change to registration data is made only by authorized users.
  • Strong encryption.
  • Prohibition of privacy registration to ensure full disclosure of registration information.

Specifically, who has [dot]BANK domains and who doesn’t?

Banks, trusts, thrifts, cooperatives, etc., that are chartered and supervised by a government regulatory authority ARE eligible. Bank holding companies and credit unions/associations (such as farm credit associations) in the United States DO NOT meet the eligibility requirements for such a domain name.

What is the verification process to validate eligibility for the secure [dot]BANK extension?

Banks who have this extension have gone through:

  • A security check
  • Verification of their organization, jurisdiction and banking credentials
  • Verification of their domain name, telephone number, employment of the listed contact and the contact’s authority.

What if I accidentally type in NBC Oklahoma’s old email address instead of

For at least a year, you will automatically be redirected to the proper new website.

Will the change to a new name affect my accounts?

No. Your account information continues to be secure, and NBC Oklahoma will continue to strive to provide outstanding service for our customers and add new features for you as they become available.
* To read more, go online to FTLD Registry Services, LLC, was founded by leaders in the financial services community and was granted the right to operate [dot]BANK and dot[INSURANCE] in 2014. FTLD is a coalition of banks, insurance companies and financial services trade associations, including the American Bankers Association, that formed to oversee these new domain names. Only registrars approved by FTLD can issue these names.




Thank you for your patience during these changes as we strive to provide you with the latest online banking features and deliver them securely. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Department at 405-748-9188 or 800-590-2580. Watch our website and social media sites ( and for updates and information.